Tips to Avoiding Plumbing Scams

Rogue traders are everywhere, and unfortunately, they can leave people’s properties needing further expensive work to fix the bad job that was done before.
If you’re currently looking for a new plumber klang,  follow these tips to avoid falling victim to a plumbing scam.

1.If you can, always use a plumber recommended by a friend or family member. If they have done good work in someone else’s home and you trust that person’s opinion, you’re likely to receive the same standard of work.
2.Don’t rely on online reviews. Scammers often fake good reviews on their websites to lure in new customers who are none the wiser.
3.Don’t go for a plumber who is offering services very cheaply. These people will probably use cheap materials and tools. Good plumbing work comes with a moderate price tag due to the skill involved and expensive long-lasting materials used, so be skeptical of anyone quoting very cheap prices.
4.Some contractors will try to scam you by quoting a high price but using cheap materials. One way to combat this is to ask for a list of parts they will use and checking their price online or in a hardware store. If you find they’re using cheap, bad materials and overcharging you, find a different plumber.
5.Check the parts and materials they are installing before installation, to check that what they say they will use is what’s really going into your home. If cheap materials are used, you’ll soon find yourself needing to hire a plumber again.
6.Another scam sometimes used is when a plumber subcontracts out some parts of the work to others, and you end up with a large bill because of all the people working on your job. If you notice lots of people working in your home, question what each person’s role is. Sometimes they are apprentices, but sometimes they are extra workers the plumber has called in and claimed are necessary, when really, they’re not.
7.You may be a victim of overcharging if you live in an affluent part of town. Before starting work, get quotes for labor and parts from three different plumbers before disclosing where you live.
8.Always get a price estimate in writing and sign a contract that details this amount before any work is done. This way you can’t be unfairly overcharged and have a document to this effect that you can take to court if needs be. If you don’t get a quote in writing, the plumber could scam you for lots more money, claiming the original quote didn’t cover the cost of labor and materials that eventually were used.
9.Avoid being scammed by always hiring reputable contractors. This is easier said than done; but you can usually work out who is a professional and who is an unreliable smooth talker by talking with them and asking lots of questions. Honest and reliable contractors will respond well to your questions and won’t mind answering them. Be wary of anyone who can’t give you a straight answer.

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