How To Find The Best Timber Door Contractor

Timber doors add beauty and safety to any Singapore home. Timber doors don’t need a lot of maintenance and they will last a lifetime. Beautiful doors are an asset to any home and they can even increase the property value of your home. These doors make a huge difference in the way your home looks and they are a great addition to any home. You can get a lot done when you choose a timber door.

Choosing the right contractor is easy when you research the different contractors so you end up choosing the contractor that is going to be the best for your needs. Look for an affordable contractor and you also want to look for someone who is experienced. You can find good contractors online. Read the reviews so you end up choosing the contractor that is going to be right for your needs.

When you are looking for the right timber door contractor singapore you should read reviews and look for the contractor that is going to help you get a lot done. You should take your time and look for people who are going to be affordable and also help you choose the right door for your home.

A good timber door is going to make your house look amazing. These doors are a great investment and they help your house look better. Timber doors come in a variety of sizes and you can easily find a door that is going to be the best fit for your home. Take your time when you are looking for doors and make sure that the door you choose is going to look good on your home.

The right door will increase the value of your home and add curb appeal. You can easily choose the door that is the best fit for your needs and that adds curb appeal to your home. It helps to research the different doors so you end up finding the door that is the best fit for your home.

You have a lot of options when you are looking at doors. It helps to look at pictures of doors so you can find the door that is going to look best for your needs. You can get inspiration online by looking at pictures of homes or watching design shows. You can find lots of potential doors online and you can find the doors that are going to help your home look amazing.

Finding all of the right options is going to be important and you need to look for doors that are going to help your home look amazing. You have so many things you can do when you are looking for doors and you want to make sure that your doors are going to be the right fit for your home. Proper doors add a lot to your home and make it look amazing. Finding the right doors is going to be important when you want to enjoy your home more and add curb appeal.

Tips to Avoiding Plumbing Scams

Rogue traders are everywhere, and unfortunately, they can leave people’s properties needing further expensive work to fix the bad job that was done before.
If you’re currently looking for a new plumber klang,  follow these tips to avoid falling victim to a plumbing scam.

1.If you can, always use a plumber recommended by a friend or family member. If they have done good work in someone else’s home and you trust that person’s opinion, you’re likely to receive the same standard of work.
2.Don’t rely on online reviews. Scammers often fake good reviews on their websites to lure in new customers who are none the wiser.
3.Don’t go for a plumber who is offering services very cheaply. These people will probably use cheap materials and tools. Good plumbing work comes with a moderate price tag due to the skill involved and expensive long-lasting materials used, so be skeptical of anyone quoting very cheap prices.
4.Some contractors will try to scam you by quoting a high price but using cheap materials. One way to combat this is to ask for a list of parts they will use and checking their price online or in a hardware store. If you find they’re using cheap, bad materials and overcharging you, find a different plumber.
5.Check the parts and materials they are installing before installation, to check that what they say they will use is what’s really going into your home. If cheap materials are used, you’ll soon find yourself needing to hire a plumber again.
6.Another scam sometimes used is when a plumber subcontracts out some parts of the work to others, and you end up with a large bill because of all the people working on your job. If you notice lots of people working in your home, question what each person’s role is. Sometimes they are apprentices, but sometimes they are extra workers the plumber has called in and claimed are necessary, when really, they’re not.
7.You may be a victim of overcharging if you live in an affluent part of town. Before starting work, get quotes for labor and parts from three different plumbers before disclosing where you live.
8.Always get a price estimate in writing and sign a contract that details this amount before any work is done. This way you can’t be unfairly overcharged and have a document to this effect that you can take to court if needs be. If you don’t get a quote in writing, the plumber could scam you for lots more money, claiming the original quote didn’t cover the cost of labor and materials that eventually were used.
9.Avoid being scammed by always hiring reputable contractors. This is easier said than done; but you can usually work out who is a professional and who is an unreliable smooth talker by talking with them and asking lots of questions. Honest and reliable contractors will respond well to your questions and won’t mind answering them. Be wary of anyone who can’t give you a straight answer.

Easing the Pain Communities Must Act to Heal Wounds of African-American Boys and Young Men

The plight of young African-American males can best be described
by the aforementioned definitions of pain, which in many ways
summarize their life experiences. Too many young black men endure
severe daily emotional stress or anguish, which they often strive to avoid
by any means necessary. Their daily walk comprises many perceptions
or assumptions that paint them as causes of trouble and sources of
discomfort or unhappiness. The weight of these perceptions and beliefs
are often unbearable and leave many of these boys and young men
feeling hopeless, confused and trapped in a society that does not value

These feelings of worthlessness have been exacerbated by the
recent case and court decision regarding Trayvon Martin. The series of
events that led to his death as well as the assumptions and stereotypes
about African-American teenage boys and young men were at the center
of countless debates across the country. Are all young African-American
men viewed as shiftless, suspicious and dangerous? Under what circumstances is it safe to
wear a hoodie or to question why you are being followed? These and other questions are in the
minds of countless African-American youth as they attempt to persevere through a tumultuous
life journey in America.
President Barack Obama in a July 19, 2013, speech cited the Trayvon Martin tragedy
as emblematic of a broader American problem regarding African-American teenage boys and
young men. He challenged the nation to figure out what could be done to give this specific
population a sense that their country cares about them and values them and is willing to
invest in them. These are powerful and potentially prescriptive words that should not be
left for political banter. Only through sound political leadership and bold public policies can
the daunting challenges of young African-American males be fully identified, addressed and

Immigration Path to Prosperity or Calamity?

It has often been said that the United States is a country of immigrants. Since the
turn of the 20th century, hundreds of thousands of Irish, Italian, Slovenian and Hungarian
immigrants, among others, have found their way to cities such as Cleveland, Ohio, to start
new lives. America was seen as a melting pot of backgrounds, where economic opportunity
and good fortune bubbled within reach of anyone willing to take a chance and pursue a
better future for themselves and their families. Given this welcoming past, it is quite curious
that, since 1955, “nine national surveys have shown an overwhelming majority of U.S.
citizens opposed to increasing immigration levels” (Fallon, 1996, p. 141). There has been
and continues to be a debate in this country about the impact of immigration on the U.S.
economy and society. Significant amounts of research have provided both proponents and
opponents of immigration with data to buttress their respective arguments. However, in the
final analysis, it is difficult to dispute that immigration provides – or has the potential to
provide – an economic benefit to our gross domestic product (GDP) and contributes to the
long-term stability of our society.

As Northeast Ohio begins the second decade of the 21st century, local political,
business and community leaders are engaged in a concerted effort to redesign and recast the
future of the region economically and socially. Several initiatives are currently under way
to improve educational attainment for students from preschool through college graduation,
stimulate business and economic growth, and enhance the quality of life for people in
the region. These efforts include early-childhood development programs, innovative and
career-oriented public schools, and scholarship and mentorship programs, to reference a
few. Although noble, these efforts have generated marginal results at best, particularly for
marginalized immigrant and minority populations.

Policy Bridge History

PolicyBridge is a 501c (3) non-partisan public policy think tank based in Northeast Ohio with a legislative office in Washington DC. Our key objective is to monitor urban policy issues and inform regional public policy debates by framing issues of relevance to the minority community.


Randell McShepard – Board Chairman (Click here for Bio)

Gregory L. Brown(Click here for Bio)


Gregory L. Brown
Executive Director PolicyBridge

Jeffery Johnson          MSNBC Contributor & TheGRIO, White House Correspondent

Mittie Davis-Jones, Ph.D.
Director – Urban Child Research Center
Cleveland State University

Craig Follins, Ph.D. 
President, Olive-Harvey College

Rhonda Y. Williams, Ph.D. Director, Social Justice Institute/Alliance & Associate Professor, Department of History, Case Western Reserve University

Terri Hamilton-Brown (Board Treasurer)

Valerie McCall
Chief of Government Affairs
Cleveland City Hall – Office of the Mayor

Randell McShepard (Board Chairman)
Vice President of Public Affairs
RPM International Inc.

Steven A. Minter
Executive-In Residence
Cleveland State University

Ronald V. Johnson
Vice President & Associate Counsel – Law Group KeyBank NA

Scott D. Roulston 
Former CEO and President
Fairport Asset Management, LLC

Sharon Sobol Jordan      President & CEO
Center for Families and Children

Steven Sims
Director of Office of Small Business
Regional Transit Authority

Eddie Taylor
President & CEO
Taylor Oswald Companies

Danny Wiliams
Executive Director
The Cleveland Free Clinic